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    The overflow of meanings and cultural nuances

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    Not simply a language proficiency

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Quality in Skills

We only hire professional translators and linguists with degrees or certifications in translation or language related field. Our translators and copywriters are language specialists translating into their native language to deliver your message accurately and with cultural sensitivity across all languages.

Quick Response

We are expert at delivering translations and contents at a schedule that matches with your project timelines. Our translators, copywriters and linguists have the know-how to efficiently manage the speed of the project and to deliver an accurate and quality translation and content on time.

Blended Services

We combine our human resource expertise with the latest advanced Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools, terminology databases to deliver high quality and timely translations, with customized glossaries for each client and industry.

A one stop shop for all your translation, interpreting and copywriting requirements

We provide multilingual, cross-cultural translation and language services, enabling seamless communication between our clients <br>and their global network of targeted audience.

Certified Translation

Business Translation Solutions




In this step, the project manager receives and assesses
the client’s request for translation or content
creation to determine an estimated cost and timeline for completion.
Consideration is particularly given to source and target
language, word and page count, complexity, content type, turnaround time, file format.

Once quotation is approved, the project manager
collects and analyzes the source material,
and finalizes project requirements to capture outcomes
and expectations. A project brief, along with reference
material and relevant glossaries are sent to the assigned
translator(s) or copywriter(s).


Translations and content creation projects
are assigned to skilled linguists who are experienced
in the subject matter. As the project progresses,
the project manager will communicate the status
of the project to the client and relay any changes
or feedback received from the client to the translator
or copywriter. Linguists working on the project will start by creating and updating glossaries and translation
memories, translating or creating the project in the target language(s).if requested by the client, design and formatting will be part of this phase.

Proof reading

All translated or created contents will
undergo a quality control phase, including proofreading
by a linguist to refine language for accuracy, syntax, and style.
The content will be also edited and reviewed
linguistically to verify spelling errors, grammar, punctuation,
and ensure graphic design and formatting
(if needed) are appropriately addressed.



Delivery& Completion

Once the assignment is complete,
the project manager
will send the final document via email
or preferred delivery
method to the client and ask for feedback. Once
client is satisfied and all acceptance criteria have been
met, an invoice will be sent to client. But for SIYAK, this is not done yet!Our project manager will review project documents, extract specific terminology, analyze client feedback to make certain they are documented, shared with the team to note changes and ensure quality assurance is implemented to promote service quality for future projects. Updated glossaries and specific terminology banks will be shared with client as necessary.

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What does Siyak do?

SIYAK is a one-stop-shop offering a wide range of language services. We handle all aspects of your translation, interpretation, copywriting and content creation needs including adapting your content to any required format – including design, print, digital and multi-media. We focus on translating and developing your content so you can focus on your business.

What is a certified translation?

In the countries where SIYAK operates, it is one of the requirements by the courts, government entities and foreign embassies to present certified translations that are typically required for official use. A certified translation refers to a translation that has been signed and certified by the certified translator or language service provider (LSP) to be a true and accurate translation of the original.

What is DTP?

DTP means desktop publishing. It is the process of using a publishing software to create digital files by combining, adapting and laying out the elements of a publication, such as a brochure, newsletter, PowerPoint presentation, etc. SIYAK provides DTP projects by completing the translation in the file itself or by reimporting the translated text into the original layout and delivering a print-ready PDF format that is adapted to the rules in the target language.

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Our professional translators are native speakers who have work experience in this industry

We deliver professional translation and language services across all industries. With offices based in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and Lebanon, we combine high quality, exceptional customer service, and reasonable prices to help you grow your business.


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