What does Siyak do?

SIYAK is a one-stop-shop offering a wide range of language services. We handle all aspects of your translation, interpretation, copywriting and content creation needs including adapting your content to any required format – including design, print, digital and multi-media. We focus on translating and developing your content so you can focus on your business.

What is a certified translation?

In the countries where SIYAK operates, it is one of the requirements by the courts, government entities and foreign embassies to present certified translations that are typically required for official use. A certified translation refers to a translation that has been signed and certified by the certified translator or language service provider (LSP) to be a true and accurate translation of the original.

What is DTP?

DTP means desktop publishing. It is the process of using a publishing software to create digital files by combining, adapting and laying out the elements of a publication, such as a brochure, newsletter, PowerPoint presentation, etc. SIYAK provides DTP projects by completing the translation in the file itself or by reimporting the translated text into the original layout and delivering a print-ready PDF format that is adapted to the rules in the target language.

What is the rate card for the services you offer?

A rate card is typically a document providing details about the prices for the services or products offered by an agency. In the language industry, prices are made up of many factors, including language, complexity of the content, deadline,

Are urgent services more expensive?

Urgent deadlines are delivered with a higher priority, require more resources or working overtime; and therefore, are more expensive. The surcharge for urgent services can be as high as 30%. However, when an urgent service is required to be done in a very short time, the first variable to consider is quality. When negotiating a deadline for a project, we will immediately tell you when the deadline is below a minimum level that is considered to be a risk factor for quality.

What do content creation services include?

We offer a full set of language content creation services from translation and interpretation, through to copywriting, social, printing and multimedia