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SIYAK Team’s areas of expertise comprise editing & proofreading. Editing is meant to improve the flow and overall quality of the writing, without changing the intended message. Editing is carried out on a single language version of text to correct typos, grammar, syntax, and style, and ensuring the text comprises logic. Proofreading, on the other hand, generally involves working on two texts and comparing the final version with the source document to ensure all text has been transferred from the source, correct any typographical errors, review inconsistencies, verify the accuracy of any cross-references, and ensure the correct location of graphics, headers, footers, tables, page numbers, page breaks, etc.



SIYAK provides flawless interpretation services for conferences, workshops, meetings and video and tele-conference, court and legal proceedings and a wide range of events.
We offer services in up to 30 spoken languages as well as sign language translation. We offer both “Consecutive interpreting” and “Simultaneous interpreting” delivered through smart, well presented translators who can easily adapt to any environment or forum. We can provide technical industry specialists as required and will also develop technical glossaries as part of our Quality Assurance process.

We deliver professional translation and language services across all industries. With offices based in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and Lebanon, we combine high quality, exceptional customer service, and reasonable prices to help you grow your business.


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