In-House vs. Outsourcing Translation: Which one better fits your business?

Here are three important factors to consider in the context of your business to decide what helps you better offer quality content for your target audience:

1. Translation Cost:

  • Unavoidable
  • In-house translation approach is more suitable for simple projects with a smaller volume of work
  • More complex projects are handled more easily and efficiently through outsourcing
  • Advantage of in-house team is that the team is more familiar with your business’s specific needs
  • However, the cost for hiring an expert in-house team could be more expensive with limited expertise in specific fields.

2. Workflow Management:

  • In-house team understand the organization’s needs and can handle internal communication, urgent and last-minute changes easier.
  •  Complex project, however, requires additional management, time dedication, and linguistic support.

3. Quality Management:

  • The advantage of in-house team is that they are familiar with your tone-of-voice and specific terminology.
  • However, every content type requires a special translation approach. E.g., user manuals should not be translated in the same way as you would translate promotional or legal documents.
  • Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to work with a dedicated team who understand quality requirements for different products and audience types.


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