Questions we Ask our Clients at the Start of a Translation Project

Here are some questions that we ask our clients before we engage in any new translation project or relationship with them – except for website translation, as the strategy is rather different.

  1. Do you need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)before you reveal any information to us?
  2. Do you require the exact same format to be returned?
  3. Who is the target audience? This can affect the tone, degree of familiarity, language complexity, technical approach and even education level.
  4. Do you have native speakers in your organization who will proofread the translation or adapt it to a specific market or audience?
  5. Will you have a single point of contact who is familiar with the translation process and who can help in identifying any terms that should remain in the original language or terms that have a specific translation?
  6. What is the deadline for delivery? Do you assume that meeting the deadline is more important than linguistic quality assurance?
  7. If time is essential, do you agree with several translators working simultaneously on your translation project? Do you agree that – because of the limited deadline – it might not be possible to appoint a final proofreader to verify the text at the final stage?
  8. Does the current project need to be consistent with previously translated projects in terms of style and terminology? Will it be possible to share previously translated projects?
  9. Do you have your own glossary, containing a list of preferred and industry-specific terms?
  10. If you have used any translation company in the past that uses a technology-based translation system, do you have a translation memory (TM), of the previous translations?


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